Grilled Stuffed Pears

A Summer Favorite

Pears carmelized on the grill and stuffed with a cream cheese mixture. Perfect for a warm summer evening.

Grilled Stuffed Pears


4 - Large Pears (peeled, pitted and cut in half lengthwise)
1/2 Cup - Cream cheese
3 TBSP - Powdered Sugar
1.5 TBSP - Orange flavored liqueur (like Grand Marnier)
4 TBSP - Toasted walnuts


Toast Walnuts in oven on a cookie sheet at 350 degrees until just brown.
Set aside walnuts to cool completely.
Peel, cut and pit pears.
Blanch pears in boiling water for 5 minutes.
Mix Cheese, Sugar, Liquer, and cooled Walnuts in a bowl.
Place pears on grill grate over medium heat - grill until a light golden brown (about 3 min/side)
Remove pears, stuff with cheese mixture and serve warm.

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