Grilled Burritos

Burritos are Good, Grilled Burritos are Great

A twist on a standard burrito with the use of grilled and rubbed meat and a slight char of grillmarks on the burrito to add a smoky, great taste.

Grilled Burritos


5 Cups - Prepared Mexican Style Rice
2 Pounds - Beef Skirt or Flank steak - Or Chicken
1 Can - Refried Beans (16 oz.)
10 - Large Flour Tortillas.
2 - Green Peppers (charred and peeled)
New Mexico Hot Rub


Rub Beef or Chicken with the New Mexico Hot Rub and grill or smoke until it is just barely done
Roast Green Peppers over fire until skin is black, then peel and cut into strips.
Load burrito shell with prepared rice, beans, meat, and peppers
Lower the flame on your grill and place burritos over fire until the shell gets just a bit of grill marks

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