Bayou Dry Rub

New Orleans Inspired

Cajun flavors are abundant in this rub with the use of cayenne, garlic, and thyme.
This is good on just about anything - but especially fish and shrimp. Or even crawfish.

Bayou Dry Rub

Ingredients (makes 1.25 Cups)

1/2 Cup - Celery Salt
1/4 Cup - Fresh Ground Black Pepper
1/4 Cup - White Pepper
1/4 Cup - Brown or Turbinado Sugar
2 TBSP - Garlic Powder
1.5 TBSP - Cayenne
1 TBSP - Dried Thyme
2 tsp - Dried Sage
1 TBSP - Red Pepper Flakes (if you like even more heat)


All ingredients should be dried and ground.
Mix thoroughly and store cool in a dark, dry area in a tin or covered, moisture-proof container.

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