New Mexico Hot Rub

Southwestern Heat

When you need something with a little flavors of the Southwest and a lot of heat, this is your dry rub.
Beef for fajitas or chili con carne would do great with this one.

New Mexico Hot Rub

Ingredients (makes 1.25 Cups)

1/2 Cup - Ground Dried Chile (New Mexican Red would be great)
1/2 Cup - Ground Dried Ancho Chile
3 TBSP - Kosher Salt
3 TBSP - Ground Cumin
2 TBSP - Paprika
1 TBSP - Dried Oregano
1 TBSP - Dried Onion Flakes
For more heat, you can use dried Habanero, Cayenne, or Jalapenos instead


All ingredients should be dried and ground.
Mix thoroughly and store cool in a dark, dry area in a tin or covered, moisture-proof container.

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