Mustard Based Barbeque Sauce

Yes, mustard

A classic, basic mustard-based sauce. Mustard based sauce is a bit more spicy than your standard sauce and is prevalent in the South East. If you haven't had it, it is great on most any pork barbeque.

Mustard Based Barbeque Sauce

Ingredients (makes 1.5 Cups)

3/4 cup - Yellow mustard
3/4 cup - Red wine vinegar
1/4 cup - Brown or Turbinado Sugar
1-1/2 tbsp - Butter (not margarine)
2 tsp - Kosher Salt
1/2 tsp - Worcestshire
1-1/4 tsp - Fresh Black Pepper
1/2 tsp - Tabasco Sauce


Simmer all ingredients over low heat for 30 min.
Let stand one hour before using
Refrigerate leftovers

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