Southeast Vinegar Mop

Thin, tangy, and delicious.

In the SouthEastern US, mops are the prevalent sauce used for good barbeque. Mops are vinegar-based sauces that are more thin than their tomato based sauce counterparts from the western and central US.
Mops are often applied several times throughout cooking and at the end with a mop-like absorbent brush.
Pork is the perfect landing place for a mop style sauce, although a mopped brisket is interesting.
This recipe is a very basic sauce that you can use to expand your own mop recipe.

Southeast Vinegar Mop

Ingredients (2 Cups)

2 Cups - Cider Vinegar (get the best stuff you can find)
2 TBSP - Brown or Turbinado Sugar
2 tsp - Kosher or Sea Salt
1 tsp - Cracked Black Pepper
1 tsp - Cayenne Pepper


Combine all ingredinents and mix or blend thoroughly
Because this is an acid-based sauce, it keeps for quite a long time.

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